Introducing where Luis came from.

Family History

So enough about me, it is time to give you a little back ground about my husband Luis.  His mother was born on one of the beaches in the Golfo Dulce but his father came from the central part of Costa Rica, a place known as Puriscal. Clara, his mom, grew up knowing about the local plants and amassed an incredible knowledge of their uses both edible and medicinal. Rodrigo, his dad, came to the area thru working with the banana company; he worked to put in the railways that connect Golfito to the rest of the country. He quickly decided he loved the land and the pristine waters of the Golfo Dulce.

Ties with Casa Orquideas

Rodrigo and Clara worked hard to provide for their family of 10 children. He inherited a property from a dear friend where they lived and grew food crops such as rice, beans, corn, plantains and yucca along with raising pigs and chickens. It was a hard life and when they were able to move down the beach and get paid to take care of the school house they did so. Even then they continued to grow food crops for themselves and their pigs and chickens, cooking on firewood they collected and hauling water from a nearby stream. A few years after moving, my parents showed up looking for property and Rodrigo sold them his old farm. We often joke about destiny having its ways of keeping things in the family.  Clara and Rodrigo taught my parents so many things about how and what to use from the jungle around them.

Great People

Clara was a strong woman, giving birth to 10 children of which Luis was the next to the youngest.  Luis had to work at a young age to help his Mom as his Dad’s health was declining by then so he became very close to his mom. She was a wonderful mother in law and grandma.

Rodrigo and Clara lived at Playa San Josecito (the beach where Luis and I grew up) for their entire life together. After Rodrigo passed away Clara decided to move into Golfito to be closer to conveniences as well as the hospital as her health was failing. She lived there for about 10 years before passing on also. She was a wonderful person and we miss her.

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