Jaco Beach -Family time

A Little Bit About Us

My name is Melanie MacAllister, and I together with my husband Luis Torres and our children Brandon and Jack have started JB Real Estate Costa Rica. This is a business where we would like to help people who are looking into buying property Costa Rica and living here so as to assure they have an enjoyable experience.  We would like to share our stories with the public so you get to know us and can trust our actions.

Family at Jaco Beach
Here we are enjoying Jaco Beach

My parents made Costa Rica´s Golfo Dulce their home after traveling for many years around the world. They could see the beauty and peace in this unique country and have lived here happily for over 40 years. My brother and I were raised on a farm where we had plenty of tropical fruits and in-numerable amounts of fresh air and sunshine.

Golfito is where I was born and the Golfo Dulce was my home while growing up. I have many stories to tell along with my husband who also grew up just down the beach from me. Then, we too raised our first son there for about 5 years. So we have experience owning property and dealing with real-estate in Costa Rica. We can easily tell you all about buying property Costa Rica, living in this beautiful country, working and raising a family.

Helping newcomers make the right decisions about which property to buy so they can have a long and happy experience in their new home is our goal. We want people to enjoy their experiences of buying property Costa Rica. Then they are able to share these with the rest of the world. It is all a matter of finding the right property for the right person. Many foreigners have made a new life here and have formed communities.  In the different towns like minded people share their experiences, stories and frustrations that life anywhere is full of.

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